1.9. RHBA-2011:0425: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager

The following bugs are addressed by the RHBA-2011:0425 update:

Table 1.9. RHBA-2011:0425 Bug fixes

Red Hat Bugzilla number Description
612824 The Get-TasksStatus function in the Powershell API did not accept a TaskId as a parameter. This meant that it was not possible to retrieve the status of a task that was not created within the current session. The Get-TasksStatus function has been updated to allow for TaskIds to be provided as parameters. Tasks from sessions other than the current one can be retrieved by providing the relevant TaskIds to Get-TasksStatus.
653837 When attempting to resume paused virtual machines, the Manager would try to cast a verb object to a virtual machine object. The Manager would throw a System.NullReferenceException, which caused a VDSNetworkException to be logged. The Manager no longer attempts the incorrect cast and behaves as expected.
654640 When running the SetNonOperationalVdsCommand command, the Manager would issue a disconnectStoragePool command and the hosts would be disconnected from the storage pool. The Manager no longer issues the disconnectStoragePool command and the hosts remain connected to the storage pool.
658908 In some cases the ISO Uploader was found to incorrectly treat RHEV-H hosts as RHEL hosts. ISO Uploader then attempted to connect to RHEV-H using password authentication instead of certificate authentication. This would always fail. The host type variable has been changed to an array of types, storing the type for each host as an individual element. ISO Uploader no longer attempts to use the incorrect authentication method for RHEV-H hosts.
680728 When a host's logical network was lost, it would change to a non-operational state, but the virtual machines on the host would not migrate to an operational host. Now the virtual machines migrate to an operational host when the current host changes to a non-operational state.
682818, 691216 The Slot field in the Power Management section of the New/Edit Host dialog only allows users to enter an integer value. When attempting to enter a non-integer value (which is required by some fence-agents), the field validation prevents the user from adding/updating the Host. The integer validation has been removed from the field. Now any string is allowed in the Slot field. The user is permitted to enter a non-integer value in this field and adding/updating the Host is completed successfully.
685110 Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager is implemented as a .NET XAML Browser Application (XBAP). XBAPs are disabled by default for the Internet Zone on Internet Explorer 9. If the Manager exists in the Internet Zone on your network, Internet Explorer 9 will display the following error when attempting to access it: "This application type has been disabled". To enable XBAPs on the Internet Zone, open the Tools menu and select the Security tab. Select the Internet zone and click Custom Level.... Under .NET Framework change the setting for XAML browser applications from Disable to Enable. Restart Internet Explorer, and the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager will load successfully. For optimal security configuration, the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager site should be added to the Trusted sites list in Internet Explorer.
688055 The Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager did not support fence_cisco_ucs, the fence agent for the Cisco UCS Manager. Power management could not be used for the Cisco UCS Manager. The FieldsInXML configuration file was updated to add power management support. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager now supports power management on the Cisco UCS Manager.
688577 Previously, ActivateStorageDomainCommand set a lock in the database, but did not change the locked status when the storage domain failed to be activated. This caused the data center to be stuck in maintenance mode. With this bug fix, when storage domains fail to be activated, ActivateStorageDomainCommand changes the domain status and releases the lock.