12.4. Populating the ISO Domain

12.4.1. Populating the ISO Storage Domain

An ISO storage domain is attached to a data center, ISO images must be uploaded to it. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization provides an ISO uploader tool that ensures that the images are uploaded into the correct directory path, with the correct user permissions.
The creation of ISO images from physical media is not described in this document. It is assumed that you have access to the images required for your environment.

Procedure 12.9. Populating the ISO Storage Domain

  1. Copy the required ISO image to a temporary directory on the system running Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager.
  2. Log in to the system running Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager as the root user.
  3. Use the engine-iso-uploader command to upload the ISO image. This action will take some time, the amount of time varies depending on the size of the image being uploaded and available network bandwidth.

    Example 12.1. ISO Uploader Usage

    In this example the ISO image RHEL6.iso is uploaded to the ISO domain called ISODomain using NFS. The command will prompt for an administrative user name and password. The user name must be provided in the form user name@domain.
    # engine-iso-uploader --iso-domain=ISODomain upload RHEL6.iso
The ISO image is uploaded and appears in the ISO storage domain specified. It is also available in the list of available boot media when creating virtual machines in the data center which the storage domain is attached to.