3.6. Configuring storage

3.6.1. Select Storage Type

Configure Storage

Figure 3.11. Configure Storage

After configuring your logical networks, you need to add storage to your data center.
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization uses a centralized shared storage system for virtual machine disk images and snapshots. Storage can be implemented using Network File System (NFS), Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) or Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP). Storage definition, type, and function, are encapsulated in a logical entity called a Storage Domain. Multiple storage domains are supported. For more information on storage types refer to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Storage Administration Guide.
For this guide you will use two types of storage domains. The first is an NFS share for ISO images of installation media. You have already created this ISO domain during the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager installation.
The second storage domain will be used to hold virtual machine disk images. For this domain, you need at least one of the supported storage types. You have already set a default storage type during installation. Ensure that you use the same type when creating your data domain.

Select your next step by checking the storage type you should use:

  1. Navigate to the Tree pane and click the Expand All button. Under System, click Default. On the results list, the Default data center displays.
  2. On the results list, the Storage Type column displays the type you should add.
  3. Now that you have verified the storage type, create the storage domain.


This document provides instructions to create a single storage domain, which is automatically attached and activated in the selected data center. If you wish to create additional storage domains within one data center, see the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Administration Guide for instructions on activating storage domains.