1.2. Hypervisor

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor now supports installation to a wider range of Secure Digital (SD) cards.

Installation to this larger set of SD cards is in addition to the already fully supported use of locally attached SATA hard disk drives and fibre-channel-attached LUNs.

RHEV-H continues to be fully supported for boot and installation from the following devices: USB thumbdrives, Secure Digital cards, and CDROM (both physical and virtual). It is also supported via PXE boot.

Previously, you could not run side-by-side installations of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor. 

Now, you can allow side-by-side installations of the hypervisor by configuring yum to make rhev-hypervisor an install-only package. Edit the yum.conf file and add the installonlypkgs option:


This option also needs to include the default list of install-only packages, which you can find by running the man yum.conf command and looking at the installonlypkgs option.