Appendix E. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1-47.32.4002013-10-31Rüdiger Landmann
Rebuild with publican 4.0.0
Revision 1-47.322013-09-25Zac Dover
BZ#1007864 - s/Red Had/Red Hat/g
Revision 1-47.312013-09-09Ruediger Landmann
Rendering test
Revision 1-472012-07-18Anthony Towns
Rebuild for Publican 3.0
Revision 1-46Tue May 1 2012Stephen Gordon
BZ#813043 - Improved description of Virtual Machine CPU topology attributes.
BZ#813049 - Removed incorrectly listed description elevement from Users entity.
BZ#813050 - Added documentation of destroy element to Storage Domain entity.
BZ#813051 - Virtual Machine cluster element is no longer listed as locked in the properties column.
BZ#813052 - A number of examples contained invalid UUID numbers, these have been replaced.
Revision 1-39Thu Dec 1 2011Daniel Macpherson
BZ#759326 - Removed inaccurate instruction in force delete vm
BZ#757123 - Change to vm start action example for host's placement_policy.
BZ#754574 - Correction to XML examples.
BZ#754351 - Corrections to cURL and XML examples.
Revision 1-38Thu Nov 24 2011Stephen Gordon
BZ#756789 - Corrections to arguments in cURL examples.
Revision 1-37Fri Nov 11 2011Daniel Macpherson
BZ#750323, BZ#750325 - Corrections to typos in examples.
Revision 1-36Mon Oct 31 2011Daniel Macpherson
Minor corrections.
Revision 1-35Thu Oct 27 2011Daniel Macpherson
Added admonitions for sections excluded from Backwards Compatibility Statement.
Revised cURL Usage appendix to ensure markup is similar to other RHEV documentation.
Revision 1-34Thu Oct 27 2011Daniel Macpherson
Added Backwards Compatibility Statement to Preface.
Revision 1-33Wed Oct 26 2011Daniel Macpherson
Added three examples to cURL integration appendix.
Revision 1-32Tue Oct 25 2011Daniel Macpherson
Proofread examples.
Added cURL integration Appendix.
Modified Storage Domains Sub-Collection section in Data Center chapter to make Attaching Storage Domain instructions prominent in TOC.
Revision 1-31Thu Oct 19 2011Daniel Macpherson
Minor changes for localization purposes.
Revision 1-30Wed Oct 12 2011Daniel Macpherson
BZ#739993 - Added Pagination section under Search Queries in the Common Features chapter.
BZ#743592 - Added sentence on setting no preferred host in placement_policy for Virtual Machines.
Minor changes for localization purposes.
Revision 1-29Tue Oct 4 2011Daniel Macpherson
Minor fixes to typos in examples.
Revision 1-28Tue Oct 4 2011Daniel Macpherson
BZ#742863 - Capabilities chapter: Changed CPU types in example.
BZ#742775 - Coverted enumerated values to lowercase.
Revision 1-27Fri Sept 30 2011Daniel Macpherson
BZ#740523 - Added section on cloning disks from a virtual machine template.
Minor changes for localization purposes.
Revision 1-26Wed Sept 28 2011Daniel Macpherson
BZ#739993 - Added section for paginating events.
Revision 1-25Fri Sept 22 2011Daniel Macpherson
BZ#738478 - Removal of element in the Example chapter
BZ#739897 - Added host element to storage domain creation
BZ#740471 - Amended section on querying collections to include sortby instructions
BZ#740401, BZ#740402 - Completed docs Quality Engineering Review
Revision 1-23Fri Sept 19 2011Daniel Macpherson
BZ#737860 - Minor change to VM origin in VM creation example.
Revision 1-22Fri Sept 9 2011Daniel Macpherson
BZ#734463 - Updated element tables in VM disks, VM NICs and Host NICs sub-collections to include statistics link.
BZ#734634 - Fixed storage_domains element in example and VM disks section.
Revision 1-21Thu Sept 8 2011Daniel Macpherson
BZ#734436 - Added elements for product_info in Entry Point chapter.
BZ#695635 - Added minor addition to DELETE methods without Content-Type header.
BZ#719501 - Added sysprep (domain and timezone) documentation for virtual machines and templates.
BZ#734634 - Fixed missing storage domain in disk creation example.
BZ#734463 - Added/improved statistics documentation for Hosts, Host NICs, VMs, VM disks and VM NICs.
Revision 1-18Thu Aug 24 2011Daniel Macpherson
BZ#695635 - Added new section on force remove action for data centers.
BZ#680858 - Added new section on force remove action for virtual machines.
BZ#702895 - Provided additional information on changing virtual machine CD-ROM images.
BZ#730565 - Added new section for TLS/SSL certification and an Appendix for importing a certificate to a Java keystore.
BZ#729898 - Added references to Content-type: xml/application header for requests that require a body. Reviewed headers in all examples.
BZ#720593 - Included documentation on event search queries using the "from" URI parameter.
BZ#719570 - Updated Network Interface sub-collection in Virtual Machines chapter to specify references to network are made with either "id" or "name" when creating or modifying a new resource. Updated Network Interface sub-collection in Templates chapter to remove read-only status and specify same rules as Network Interface sub-collection in Virtual Machines chapter.
Revision 1-17Thu Aug 04 2011Daniel Macpherson
Final QE Revisions
Revision 1-16Thu Aug 04 2011Daniel Macpherson
Minor change to entry point image
Revision 1-15Thu Aug 04 2011Daniel Macpherson
Minor fixes to content
Revision 1-14Thu Aug 04 2011Daniel Macpherson
Revised Guide as per Quality Engineering feedback (BZ#723767, BZ#723773, BZ#723776, BZ#723769, BZ#723768, BZ#723770, BZ#723774, BZ#723775, BZ#723777, BZ#723771)
Revision 1-12Tue Jul 19 2011Daniel Macpherson
Revised Guide as per Tech Review
Revision 1-11Thu Jul 7 2011Daniel Macpherson
Updated Preface to include Documentation Suite
Revision 1-10Thu Jul 7 2011Daniel Macpherson
Minor edits to content
Revision 1-9Thu Jul 7 2011Daniel Macpherson
Minor edits to content
Revised Entry Point Image to include new collections
Revision 1-8Wed Jul 6 2011Daniel Macpherson
Finalization of draft content
Revision 1-6Thu Jun 30 2011Daniel Macpherson
Revised structure for version 3.0
Revision 1-5Mon Jun 20 2011Daniel Macpherson
Added new elements and document structure for version 3.0
Revision 1-4Thu Jun 16 2011Daniel Macpherson
Draft revision of document
Inclusion of Example chapter
Revision 0-0Thu Jun 17 2010Mark McLoughlin
Initial creation