10.3.3. Managing Users

To manage users, you will need to follow this procedure to get to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Reports' user-management menu:

Procedure 10.1. Accessing the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Reports user-management menu

  1. While signed in to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Reports, hover over the Manage tab in the top-right part of the screen.
  2. Click on Users in the drop-down menu that appears.
  3. The Manage Users interface appears.
    The Manage Users interface contains three panes:
    • Organizations
    • Users
    • Details
  4. Select a set of reports in the Organizations pane by clicking on the name of the report.
  5. Select a user in the Users pane by clicking on the name of the user. Information about the user displays in the Details pane.
  6. The details pane contains these four fields:
    • The user's name
    • Assigned Roles
    • Profile Attributes
    • Whether the user is enabled.
    At the top of the Details pane, a menu displays three options. These options are:
    • Edit
    • Login as User
    • Delete User
    This menu allows you to manage users.
There are two roles, each of which provides a different level of permissions:
  1. ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR - Can create/edit/delete reports, dashboards, ad hoc reports, and manage the server.
  2. ROLE_USER - Can create/edit/delete ad hoc reports and view reports and dashboards.
Other roles can be created and assigned. For information on how to create and assign other roles, please refer to the JasperServer documentation.
Manage tab

Figure 10.5. Manage tab

Detailed documentation for user management and other system functions is provided in the online help, see Section 10.1.2, “Online Help” for details.