10.5.4. System Overview Dashboard

The System Overview Dashboard provides an executive summary of the hosts in a data center over a given period of time. The dashboard includes:
  • A quality of service (QoS) view for each cluster, which shows the proportion of period where CPU and memory exceeded thresholds on the hosts in the cluster;
  • A break down of host operating systems; and
  • A summary of average host resource utilization over the period.
The following parameters must be provided to view this dashboard:

Table 10.29. System Overview Dashboard Parameters

Parameter Description
Data Center The report refers to the data center selected. The list of options shows only data centers containing either hosts or virtual machines. The options list for the Cluster parameter includes only clusters in the selected data center.
Cluster The report refers to the cluster selected. If All is selected, the report pertain to the entire data center.
CPU Threshold The report refers to the amount of Host CPU utilized.
Memory Threshold The report refers to the amount of Memory utilized in the host by virtual machines.
Period Range The report refers to the range of dates selected.
Dates The report refers to the dates displayed. This parameter changes automatically when the Range parameter is set.