Cluster Capacity Vs Usage

The Cluster Capacity Vs Usage report shows the relationship between system capacity and usage (workload) over a given time period. Capacity is expressed in terms of CPU cores and physical memory, while usage is expressed as vCPUs and virtual machine memory. The following parameters must be provided to run this report:

Table 10.3. Cluster Capacity Vs Usage Parameters

Parameter Description
Data Center The list of options for the Cluster parameter includes only clusters in the selected data center. The options list contains only data centers that contain clusters.
Cluster The report only includes the selected cluster. The options list shows only clusters in the selected data center. If All is selected, the report includes all clusters in the selected data center.
Period Range The report is for the period range selected. Monthly reports cover a single month. Quarterly reports cover a three-month quarter, beginning on the month specified in the Dates parameter.
Dates The report covers the selected period range, beginning on this date. For a Monthly period range, the selected month is used. For a Quarterly period range, the quarter is determined as beginning on the selected month.