10.5. Dashboards

Dashboards are similar to reports. They include an enhanced display combining data and graphical indicators. Dashboards provide system executive summary views that cannot be edited, printed or exported like reports. The following dashboards are available.
Embedded reports are the building blocks used to construct dashboards. Embedded reports are reports that have been simplified for presentation in dashboards. The Embedded Reports folder, found under Dashboards in the navigation tree, contains the embedded reports. Users are not able to access embedded reports, nor to run them directly.
Dashboards contain embedded links to relevant reports. Click on each component on the dashboard to access them. The link takes you to a report with pre-filled parameters based on the context of the dashboard component you are viewing. Users can print the report or drill down into more detail.

10.5.1. Data Center Inventory Dashboard

The Data Center Inventory Dashboard provides an executive summary of the inventory of a data center over a given period of time. The dashboard includes average disk use, number of active virtual machines and a breakdown of host operating systems. The following parameters must be provided to view this dashboard:

Table 10.26. Data Center Inventory Dashboard Parameters

Parameter Description
Data Center The report refers to the selected data center. The list of options shows only data centers containing either hosts, storage domains or virtual machines. The list of options for the Cluster parameter includes only clusters in the selected data center.
Cluster The report refers to the cluster selected. If All is selected, the report refers to the entire data center.
Period Range The dashboard shows data for the period range selected. Monthly dashboards cover a single month. Quarterly dashboards cover a three-month quarter, beginning on the month specified in the Dates parameter.
Dates The dashboard covers the selected period range, beginning on this date. For a Monthly period range, the selected month is used. For a Quarterly period range, the quarter is determined as beginning on the selected month.