5.2.2. Permissions

The following table details the actions for each object in the data center, for each of which permission may be assigned. This results in a high level of control over actions at multiple levels.

Table 5.3. Permissions Actions on Objects

Object Action
System - Configure RHEV-M Manipulate Users, Manipulate Permissions, Manipulate Roles, Generic Configuration
Data Center - Configure Data Center Create, Delete, Edit Data Center Properties, Edit Network
Storage - Configure Storage Domain Create, Delete, Edit Storage Domain Properties, Manipulate Status
Cluster - Configure Cluster Create, Delete, Edit Cluster Properties, Edit Network
Host - Configure Host Create, Delete, Edit Host Properties, Manipulate Status, Edit Network
Template - Basic Operations Edit Template Properties, Edit Network
Template - Provisioning Operations Create, Delete, Import/Export, Copy Templates
VM - Basic Operations Basic Operations, Change CD, Remote Log In
VM - Provisioning Operations Edit Properties, Create, Delete, Import/Export Virtual Machines, Edit Network, Edit Storage, Edit Snapshots
VM - Administration Operations Move VM, Migrate
VM Pool - Basic Operations Basic Operations
VM Pool - Provisioning Operations Create, Delete, Edit Properties