14.2.2. Setting Up a Virtual Machine Administrator

Penelope is still the receptionist at ViewGen Inc. However, in the few months she has been there she has proved to be a quick learner and is capable of maintaining her own virtual machine (Penelope-VM). The departments system administrator decides to give Penelope system administration permissions to her own virtual machine, so that she can perform tasks such as memory upgrades and backups, or reconfigure her machine independently. Penelope needs a UserVmManager account for her own virtual machine.

To assign a UserVmManager role:

  1. Since Penelope is an existing user, you do not need to check her status, or set up her machine. In the Administration Portal, click the Virtual Machines tab, and select the virtual machine (Penelope-VM). Click Permissions from the Details pane.
  2. The Permissions tab displays a list of users and their current roles and permissions, if any. Note that there are no inherited permissions for virtual machines. Click Add to add an existing user. The Add Permission to User dialog box displays. Enter Penelope's Name, or User Name, or part thereof in the Search text box, and click Go. A list of possible matches display in the results list.
  3. Tick Penelope's checkbox. Scroll through the Assign role to user list and select UserVmManager.
  4. Click OK. Penelope's name displays in the Permissions tab as a UserVmManager. Penelope can now administrate the virtual machine as well as log into the virtual machine.