13.3.2. Using Power Management Functions on a Fenced Host

When power management has been configured for a host, you can access a number of options from the Administration Portal interface. While each power management device has its own customizable options, they all support the basic options to start, stop and restart a host.

To use power management options:

  1. On the Hosts tab, select the host. Click the Power Management drop-down menu.

    Figure 13.2. Restart

  2. You can select between the following options:
    • Restart: This option stops the host, and waits until the host's status changes to Down. When the agent has verified that the host is down, the highly available virtual machines are restarted on another host in the cluster. The agent then restarts this host, and when the host is ready for use, its status displays as Up.
    • Start: This option starts the host and lets it join a cluster. When it is ready for use its status displays as Up.
    • Stop: This option powers off the host. Before using this option, ensure that the virtual machines running on the host have been migrated to other hosts in the cluster. Otherwise, the virtual machines will crash, and only the highly available ones will be restarted on another host. When the host has been stopped, its status displays as Non Operational.
  3. Based on the option you chose, a relevant dialog pops up asking you to confirm your selection. Click OK to confirm and proceed.