14.2.3. Setting Up a Power User

Penelope is now an experienced office manager at ViewGen Inc. Penelope now has additional responsibilities, and occasionally needs to take charge of recruitment tasks, such as scheduling interviews and following up on reference checks, if the HR Manager is on vacation, or needs additional help. As per corporate policy, Penelope needs to use a particular application for this task. As this is an occasional task, Penelope would rather use a separate virtual machine to run the recruitment application.
For Penelope to create a new virtual machine through the User Portal, she needs PowerUserRole permissions for the data center in which the new virtual machine will reside. This is because to create a new virtual machine, she needs to be able to make changes to several components within the data center, including creating the virtual machine disk image in the storage domain. However, note that this is not the same as assigning DataCenterAdmin privileges to Penelope. As a PowerUser for a data center, Penelope can perform virtual machine-specific actions on virtual machines within the data center. She cannot perform data center-level operations such as attaching hosts or storage to a data center.

To assign a PowerUser Role:

  1. Since Penelope is an existing user, you do not need to check her status. In the Administration Portal, click the Data Centers tab. Select the data center in which the new virtual machine will reside. Click Permissions from the Details pane. A list of users and their current roles and permissions displays.
  2. The Permissions tab displays a list of users and their current roles and permissions, if any. Click Add to add an existing user. The Add Permission to User dialog displays. Enter Penelope's Name, or User Name, or part thereof in the Search text box, and click Go. A list of possible matches display in the results list.
  3. Tick Penelope's checkbox. Scroll through the Assign role to user list and select PowerUserRole.
  4. Click OK. In the Permissions tab, Penelope's name now displays with PowerUserRole privileges. Penelope can now create a virtual machine for herself from the User Portal.