6.8.2. Restoring Virtual Machines from Snapshots

This section describes how to restore a virtual machine from a snapshot.

To use a snapshot to restore a virtual machine:

  1. Click the Virtual Machines tab.
  2. If the virtual machine you want to restore is not visible in the list, perform a search (see Section 1.2, “Search”). Ensure that the virtual machine is powered down and has a status of Down.
  3. Click the virtual machine. On the Details Pane, click the Snapshots tab. A list of snapshots displays.
    Snapshot List

    Figure 6.16. Snapshot List

  4. Select the snapshot that you want to restore.
    The Snapshot Details display, and the Preview button is enabled.
  5. Click Preview to preview the snapshot. The Status of the virtual machine briefly changes to Image Locked, before returning to Down.
  6. At this point, you can start the virtual machine and it will run with the disk image of the time the snapshot was taken. After you have checked the snapshot do one of the following:
    1. To restore to this point:
      Click Commit.
      The virtual machine is restored to the state it was in at the time of the snapshot. Also, any subsequent snapshots are erased.
      Snapshot List

      Figure 6.17. Snapshot List

    2. Alternatively, click the Undo button.
      The virtual machine is not restored to the state of the snapshot, and returns to its current state.