5.4.2. Removing Users

A system administrator will need to remove users, for example, when they leave the company.


A user can only be removed, if all virtual machines have been detached from the user.

To remove a user:

  1. Click the Users tab. The list of authorized users for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization platform displays.
    Users Tab

    Figure 5.6. Users Tab

  2. Select the user to be removed.
  3. Click the Virtual Machines tab in the Details pane. If the user is running any virtual machines, remove the virtual machines from the user by clicking the Remove button on the Virtual Machines tab. See Section 6.5, “Managing Permissions to Virtual Machines”.
  4. Click the Remove button. A message displays prompting you to confirm the removal. Click OK.
  5. The user is removed from Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization


All user information is read from the directory service. Removing a user from the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization system deletes the record in the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization database, denying the user the ability to log on to the desktop. It removes the association in the Directory Service between the desktop and the user. All other user properties remain intact.