8.2.3. Detaching Desktops from a Pool

You can detach one or more desktops from a pool, or you can delete the desktop. To delete the desktop, you must first detach it from the pool and then delete it. To delete a desktop, see Section 6.7.6, “Removing Virtual Machines”
To detach desktops from a desktop pool:
  1. Click the Pools tab. The list of desktop pools displays.
  2. Select the pool containing the desktop that is to be detached.
    The Virtual Machines tab on the Details pane displays a list of the virtual machine in the pool.
  3. Select the desktop(s) that you want to remove, and click Detach. A confirmation message box displays.
  4. Click OK.
    The desktop is detached from the pool, however, it still exists in the system, and can be viewed and accessed from the Virtual Machines tab. Note that the icon changes to denote that the virtual machine is a standalone desktop.
    A Detached Desktop

    Figure 8.8. A Detached Desktop