8.4. Removing Desktop Pools

This section describes how to remove a desktop pool. Before removing a pool, all the virtual machines must be detached from the pool.

To remove a desktop pool:

  1. Click the Pools tab.
    The list of desktop pools displays.
  2. Select the pool to be removed.
    Click the Virtual Machines tab in the Details pane of the selected pool to display a list of the pool's desktops.
  3. Select all the desktops in the Virtual Machines tab and click Detach. The desktops are detached from the pool. However, they will continue to display in the Virtual Machines tab as standalone desktops.
  4. Ensure the pool is selected on the Pools tab, and click the Remove button. A message displays prompting you to confirm the removal.
  5. Click OK to confirm the removal of the pool. The pool is removed from the data center.


Since all the desktops must be detached before the pool can be removed, it means that there is no interruption of service.