D.2. Statistics History Views

This section describes the statistics history views available to the user for querying and generating reports.

D.2.1. Datacenter daily history view

Historical statistics for each data center in the system.

Table D.11. v3_0_datacenter_samples_history_view\v3_0_datacenter_hourly_history_view\v3_0_datacenter_daily_history_view

Name Type Description
history_id integer The unique ID of this row in the table.
history_datetime timestamp with time zone The timestamp of this history row (rounded to minute, hour, day as per the aggregation level).
datacenter_id uuid The unique ID of the data center.
datacenter_status smallint
  • -1 - Unknown Status (used only to indicate a problem with the ETL -- PLEASE NOTIFY SUPPORT)
  • 1 - Up
  • 2 - Maintenance
  • 3 - Problematic
minutes_in_status decimal The total number of minutes that the data center was in the status shown in the datacenter_status column for the aggregation period. For example, if a data center was up for 55 minutes and in maintenance mode for 5 minutes during an hour, two rows will show for this hour. One will have a datacenter_status of Up and minutes_in_status of 55, the other will have a datacenter_status of Maintenance and a minutes_in_status of 5.
datacenter_configuration_version integer The data center configuration version at the time of sample.