6.7. Managing Virtual Machines

Some maintenance tasks are performed directly on the virtual machine (such as running, pausing, or stopping), and some maintenance tasks involve other objects (such as migrating a virtual machine to a different physical host in the same cluster).
Maintenance tasks include basic operations on a virtual machine such as editing properties, powering up or down, taking snapshots, and exporting or importing.

6.7.1. Editing Virtual Machines

You can edit the details of a virtual machine, such as its name or memory size. You cannot change the host cluster, template or Storage Domain to which the virtual machine belongs. Changes take effect after the virtual machines are shut down and restarted.


Be aware that changes to storage, operating system or networking parameters can adversely affect the virtual machine. Ensure that you have the correct details before attempting to make any changes. It is recommended that you take the precaution of backing up the virtual machine before you make changes.

To edit virtual machine details:

  1. Click the Virtual Machines tab.
  2. If the virtual machine you want to edit is not visible in the list, perform a search (see Section 1.2, “Search”).
  3. Select the virtual machine and click the Edit button.
    The Edit Virtual Machine dialog box displays. Disabled fields cannot be changed.
  4. Edit the required details of enabled fields. Refer Section 6.2.2, “Creating New Virtual Machines without a Template” for details of the fields.


    Some fields cannot be changed, and are disabled by default.
  5. Click OK.
    The details of the virtual machine are updated in the Virtual Machines tab.