2.3.3. Logical Networks Troubleshooting

When checking for errors, ensure that every host in the cluster is connected to the logical networks, all hosts in the cluster must have the same network configuration. Each cluster may have a different set of logical networks but all the logical networks must exist in the data center definition. Ensure that all hosts are in maintenance before adding or editing networks to the cluster.


Do not change networking in a data center or a cluster if any hosts are running. This may make the host unreachable.

To manage logical networks in a cluster

  1. Click the Clusters tab. The list of clusters displays.
  2. Select the appropriate cluster. Click the Logical Networks tab in the Details pane. A list of available networks displays. You can now add, assign, detach networks, or set one network as the display network. These operations are described earlier in this section.

To edit a logical network

  1. Ensure that all hosts in the data center are in Maintenance mode and navigate to the Tree pane and click the required data center. On the Details pane, select the Logical Networks tab.
  2. Click Edit. The Edit Logical Network dialog box displays. Edit the Name and Description, and select the Assign Networks to Cluster(s) check box to add the Storage network to a selected cluster in the data center.
  3. Click OK to save the changes.