7.3.2. Importing Templates

Once the templates are available in the export domain, they can be imported into a data center on the destination environment.

To Import the Template into the Destination Data Center

  1. Detach the export domain from the source data center, and attach it to the destination data center. Refer to To perform an export-import of virtual resources: for more information.
  2. On the Storage tab, select the export domain. The Details pane of the export domain displays.
  3. On the Details pane, select the Template Import tab. Select the template that is to be imported.
    The Import and Delete buttons are enabled on the Template Import tab.
  4. Click Import. The Import Template dialog box displays. The names of the available templates display.
  5. Select the name of the template, and select the Destination Cluster and Destination Storage of the destination data center.
    Click OK.
  6. A message displays:
    Import Templates

    Figure 7.2. Import Templates

    You can click Close to close the message box, and check the progress in the Events tab. The template is imported into the destination data center. This can take some time.
  7. Eventually, the template displays in the Template tab on the Details pane of the data domain belonging to the destination data center. It also displays on the Templates tab with its changed cluster information indicating it's new location.
    Imported Template

    Figure 7.3. Imported Template

  8. You can now use the template to create new virtual machines, or run existing imported virtual machines that are based on the template.