7.3. Exporting and Importing Templates

Like a virtual machine, a template can be imported or exported to a different Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager system. Exporting templates allows you to distribute templates of virtual machines to users, including users who cannot directly access and use the templates in a specific installation of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager system.


Only one export domain can be active in the data center. This means that the domain can be attached to either the source data center or the destination data center.
If a virtual machine was created using a template, the template is not automatically exported, because the template must exist in the destination domain for the virtual machine to work, the template must also be exported to the destination data center.
There are two methods of exporting and importing virtual templates:

7.3.1. Exporting Templates

Exporting templates to a different installation of Red Hat Enterprise Manager requires some preparation, for example, an export domain should exist, and be attached to the appropriate data center; any virtual machines using the templates must be shut down. You will also need to attach or detach the export domain as appropriate. See To perform an export-import of virtual resources:. The Virtual Machines tab on the Templates Detail pane displays the virtual machines that are using the template and their status.

To export individual templates to the export domain:

  1. Click the Templates tab. If the template you want to export is not visible in the list, perform a search to display the template on the results list (see Section 1.2, “Search”).
  2. Click Export. The Backup Template dialog box displays.
  3. Click OK. The export of the template begins, this can take some time. Use the Events tab to view the progress.
  4. On the Storage tab, select the export domain. The Details pane of the Export storage domain displays. The successfully exported template displays on the Template Import tab of the export domain.
    Template Import

    Figure 7.1. Template Import

  5. You can repeat the procedure above to export each template that you need to migrate, so that the export domain has a number of templates before you start the import process.