6.9.3. Importing Virtual Machines into the Destination Data Center

Once the virtual machine, or machines are available in the export domain, you can import them into the destination data center. If the destination data center is within the same installation of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, delete the originals from the source data center after exporting them to the export domain.

To Import the Virtual Machine into the Destination Data Center

  1. Detach the export domain from the source data center (see Section, “Detaching Storage Domains from a Data Center”), then attach it to the destination data center (see Section, “Attaching an Export Storage Domain”).
  2. On the Storage tab, select the Export data domain. The Details pane of the Export storage domain displays.
  3. On the Details pane, select the VM Import tab. Select the virtual machine that is to be imported. Click Import.
    Import Virtual Machine

    Figure 6.25. Import Virtual Machine

  4. The Import Virtual Machine dialog box displays. The names of the available virtual machines display.
    Select the name of the virtual machine, and select the Destination Cluster and Destination Storage of the destination data center.
    If you have not deleted the original virtual machine in the source data center, select Collapse Snapshots.
  5. Click OK. The virtual machine is imported into the destination data center. This can take some time. Eventually, the virtual machine displays in the Virtual Machines tab on the Details pane of the Storage domain belonging to the destination data center.
  6. You can now run the virtual machine, provided that the virtual machine was created from scratch, or from a template which still resides in the storage domain.