14.2. User Roles Examples

This section provides a sample of how to assign a number of sample user roles, from a basic end user of a virtual desktop to a power user of the User Portal.

14.2.1. Setting Up an End User

Penelope is the receptionist at ViewGen Inc. Apart from receptionist duties, she also needs to check her mail, arrange quotes, and manage appointments for some executives. To do this, she needs a virtual machine with access to the network and a number of office applications. The administrator provides her with an account that enables her to log into and use a single virtual machine. Penelope needs a UserRole account only.

To assign a UserRole account:

  1. Ensure that Penelope has a valid user account in the IPA or Active Directory domain. See the Directory Services chapter of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Installation Guide.
  2. In the Administration Portal, add Penelope's account to the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization platform. See Section 5.3.1, “Adding Users and Groups”.
  3. Create a virtual machine (Penelope-VM) in the appropriate data center and cluster. Provision it with the applications that Penelope requires, and ensure the machine has a status of Up.
  4. Click the Virtual Machines tab, and select the virtual machine (Penelope-VM). Click Permissions from the Details pane.
  5. The Permissions tab displays a list of users and their current roles and permissions, if any. Note that there are no inherited permissions for virtual machines. Click Add to add an existing user. The Add Permission to User dialog box displays. Enter Penelope's Name, or User Name, or part thereof in the Search text box, and click Go. A list of possible matches display in the results list.
  6. Tick Penelope's checkbox. Scroll through the Assign role to user list and select UserRole.
  7. Click OK. Penelope's name displays in the Permissions tab. Penelope can now connect to the virtual machine via the User Portal and log into the virtual machine that has been created for her. Since no one else has been assigned to this machine, she will always have access to the virtual machine, and should experience no difference to using a physical machine.