6.2.3. Cloning Virtual Machines from Existing Templates

You can clone a virtual machine from an existing template (either created by you, or one that came with the system). A template is a base virtual machine that is set with a unique configuration and settings. A virtual machine that is cloned from a particular template acquires the configurations and settings of the template. A virtual machine that has been provisioned as a clone includes a complete copy of the template's hard disk image, removing the requirement that the virtual machine stay in the same data domain as the template.

To create a cloned virtual machine from an existing template:

  1. Click the Virtual Machines tab.
    The Virtual Machines tab displays a list of existing virtual machines.
  2. Click the New Server button.
    The New Server Virtual Machine dialog box displays.
  3. Select an existing template from the Based on Template list. All templates that exist in the cluster display in the list.
  4. Enter a Name and appropriate Description, and accept the default values inherited from the template in the rest of the fields. You can change them if needed. See Table 6.4, “New Virtual Machine Dialog Box Fields” for field descriptions.
  5. In the Resource Allocation tab, on the Provisioning field, select Clone from the list.
    Provisioning - Clone

    Figure 6.4. Provisioning - Clone

    Select the disk provisioning mode in the Disks field. This selection impacts both the speed of the clone operation and the amount of disk space it requires.
    • Selecting Thin Provision results in a faster clone operation and provides optimized usage of storage capacity. Disk space is allocated only as it is required. This is the default selection.
    • Selecting Preallocated results in a slower clone operation and is optimized for the speed of guest read and write operations. All disk space requested in the template is allocated at the time of the clone operation.
  6. Click OK to create the cloned virtual machine. The virtual machine displays in the Virtual Machines list.


    It may take some time for the virtual machine to be created. During this time, the status of the virtual machine displays as Image Locked, followed by Down.