1.2.2. Saving and Accessing Queries as Bookmarks

Search queries can be saved as Bookmarks. This allows you to sort and display results lists with a single click. You can save, edit and remove bookmarks with the Bookmarks pane. Creating Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be created for any type of available search, using a number of criteria.

To save a query string as a Bookmark:

  1. In the Search Bar, enter the desired search query (see Section 1.2.1, “Search Syntax”).
  2. Click the star-shaped Bookmark button to the right of the Search Bar.
    The New Bookmark dialog box displays. The query displays in the Search String field. You can edit it if required.
  3. In Name, specify a descriptive name for the search query.
  4. Click OK to save the query as a bookmark.
  5. The search query is saved and displays in the Bookmarks pane.