6.6.4. Console Window Menu Extension for Administrators

There are various functions available to the administrator via the SPICE menu.


The functions available to the administrator differ from the ones available to the user, while the user is connected to the console.
To view the functions available to the administrator:
  1. At the top left corner of the Console window, click the SPICE icon.
  2. The SPICE menu displays.
Console Window Menu for Administrators

Figure 6.13. Console Window Menu for Administrators

The following features are available on the SPICE menu:
  1. Send CTRL+ALT+DEL (or enter Ctrl+Alt+End): to simulate this key sequence as if entered on the virtual machine.
  2. Toggle full screen (or enter Shift+F11): to switch between full-screen and window mode for the virtual machine.
  3. Special Keys : to input special characters (selecting from the list to send a key sequence to the virtual machine).
  4. USB Devices : allows attaching and detaching USB devices currently connected to your client.
  5. Change CD : for the list of imported ISO image files found in the /images folder.
  6. Play, Pause, Stop : to perform these basic virtual machine management operations from the Console Window menu.