6.6.3. Logging in to Virtual Machines with VNC

VNC is a supported display protocol for Linux and Windows virtual machines in the Administration Portal. The advantage of using VNC is that you do not have to install additional SPICE plugins. However, bear in mind that VNC is not supported in the User Portal. If your virtual machines are to be used in the User Portal, do not set VNC as the machine's default display protocol.
If you have already set your virtual machine's display protocol to VNC when you created it, you can click the Console button to log in to it. If your virtual machine's display protocol is set to SPICE, and you would like to change it to VNC, use the following procedure.

To log in to a virtual machine using VNC:

  1. Select the virtual machine from the list on the Virtual Machines tab.
  2. Click Edit. The Edit Virtual Machine dialog displays.
    Select the Console tab. Set the Protocol field to VNC. Click OK to save your changes.
  3. Back on the Virtual Machines tab, select the virtual machine you wish to log in to. Ensure that it is running, and click the Console button.
    The VNC login screen of the virtual machine displays.
  4. Enter your username and password, and click OK. You are logged on to the virtual machine.
  5. Install/uninstall applications and make the required changes to settings, if needed. If you wish, you can use the virtual machine to create a template. Refer Chapter 7, Templates.
  6. Shut down the virtual machine, or log out from the virtual machine.