2.11. The PC card daemon

The pcscd daemon is used to manage connections to PC and SC smart card readers. Although pcscd is usually a low priority task, it can often use more CPU than any other daemon. This additional background noise can lead to higher pre-emption costs to realtime tasks and other undesirable impacts on determinism.

Procedure 2.10. Disabling the pcscd Daemon

  1. Check the status of the pcscd daemon.
    # service pcscd status
    pcscd (pid PID) is running...
  2. If the pcscd daemon is running, stop it using the service command.
    # service pcscd stop
    Stopping PC/SC smart card daemon (pcscd):            [  OK  ]
  3. Use chkconfig to ensure that pcscd does not restart on boot.
    # chkconfig pcscd off