5.6.2. Declaring a Last Value Queue

Last Value Queues are created by supplying a qpid.last_value_queue_key when creating the queue.
For example, to create a last value queue called stock-ticker that uses stock-symbol as the key, using qpid-config:
qpid-config add queue stock-ticker --argument qpid.last_value_queue_key=stock-symbol
To create the same queue in an application:
myLastValueQueue = mySession.sender("stock-ticker;{create:always, node:{type:queue, x-declare:{arguments:{'qpid.last_value_queue_key': 'stock-symbol'}}}}")
Prior to MRG 2.4, the values provided to the Last Value Key can only be string values. Using the example queue created above, valid values for the stock-symbol key would include "RHT", "JAVA", and other string values. From MRG 2.4, integer values can also be used.