C.6. Users

A user is an account that can be used to log in to the user interface and administer resources. You can create new users in the internal directory that the installer manages or in an external directory service, and can apply fine-grained permissions to a user that define the actions that user can perform.
You can add new users to the user interface from the internal directory or an externally configured directory.

Procedure C.9. Adding a User

  1. Click AdministerUsers.
  2. Click the New User button to open the new user window.
    The New User Window

    Figure C.4. The New User Window

  3. In the Username text field, enter the user name by which the user logs in to the user interface.
  4. In the First name and Surname text fields, enter the real first name and surname of the user.
  5. In the Email address text field, enter an email address by which the user can be contacted.
  6. From the Language drop-down menu, select the language by which the user interface is displayed to the user.
  7. Set a password for the user:
    1. From the Authorized by drop-down menu, select the directory by which the user will be authenticated.
    2. Enter an initial password for the user in the Password text field and again in the Verify text field.
  8. Click Submit.
You have added a user to the user interface, and that user can log in and administer the user interface using the newly configured credentials.