C.4. Partition Tables

A partition table is a set of directives that defines the way in which the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform installer configures the disks available to machines it provisions. Partition tables are applied to operating system entries.


The default partition table entry applied to Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems is Kickstart default. This partition table entry uses only the first disk available to the machine being provisioned; advanced configuration involving multiple disks must be manually configured. You can edit this partition table entry to configure the preferred partitioning scheme, or create a new partition table entry and specify that entry in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system entry.
You can create new partition table entries that define custom partitioning schemes.

Procedure C.7. Creating a Partition Table Entry

  1. Click HostsPartition tables.
  2. Click New Partition Table.
  3. In the Name text field, enter a name to represent the partition table in the user interface.
  4. In the Layout text area, enter the layout for the disk partition:

    Example C.3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Partition Table

    clearpart --all --initlabel


    The format of the layout must match that for the intended operating system to which the partition table is applied. For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, the layout must match that of a kickstart file.
  5. From the Os family drop-down menu, select the operating system family to which the partition table applies.
  6. Click Submit
You have created a new partition table that can be applied to an operating system entry.