Chapter 10. Next Steps

After you have provisioned your RHEL OpenStack Platform environment, all additional configuration of services in the environment must be performed individually on the nodes in the environment. See the following documentation in the RHEL OpenStack Platform documentation suite for information on how to get started working with your environment and performing additional configuration.


If you change the values of settings that the installer configures when it provisions a host, the newly configured values are overwritten when a Puppet run is performed on the host. To prevent these changes from being overwritten, you must stop the puppet service on the host.
Administration Guide
Provides an overview of how to create and manage resources in a RHEL OpenStack Platform environment using the Horizon dashboard or client commands for administrative users.
Command-Line Interface Reference
Provides an overview of the client software that administrators use to manage and troubleshoot a RHEL OpenStack Platform environment.
Configuration Reference Guide
Provides a reference for administrative users for looking up configuration options. This guide contains lists of the configuration options available with RHEL OpenStack Platform and uses auto-generation to generate options and the descriptions from the code for each project.