4.3. Storage

The installer provides several options for image (Glance) and block (Cinder) storage services:
  • Local storage on the Controller host. Local storage is only available for environments with one Controller node. This means environments using local storage cannot have a highly available group of Controller nodes.
  • NFS storage. This requires a host or NAS storage unit with an NFS server.
  • Red Hat Ceph Storage nodes. If planning to use Red Hat Ceph Storage, you can use the installer's Ceph Storage Node (OSD) deployment role for creating nodes in a Ceph Storage Cluster.


    The installer only implements some basic host configuration for Ceph Storage Nodes (OSD). Ceph Storage Nodes (OSD) require additional package installation and configuration to create a full Ceph Storage Cluster.
  • EqualLogic SAN storage (Cinder storage only)
  • NetApp storage (Cinder storage only)
In Figure 4.1, “Sample Deployment Topology”, the environment is using a Ceph storage node.