Appendix D. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 6.0.4-49Thu Mar 17 2016Dan Macpherson
Fixing note position
Revision 6.0.4-47Wed Nov 18 2015Deepti Navale
Updated for maintenance release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6.
Revision 6.0.0-46Fri Nov 06 2015Deepti Navale
BZ#1278599 - Updated the version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for this release (specifically, 7.2)
Revision 6.0.0-45Fri Oct 09 2015Martin Lopes
Adding notes about deployments consuming entitlements
Revision 6.0.0-44Thu Aug 20 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding note regarding L2 Population
Revision 6.0.0-43Mon Jul 20 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding note about l2pop vs l3ha
Revision 6.0.0-42Mon Jul 20 2015Dan Macpherson
Publishing new deployment scenario for the Customer Portal
Revision 6.0.0-41Mon Jun 15 2015Dan Macpherson
Separating advanced scenario into two new scenarios: one for NFS and one for Ceph
Revision 6.0.0-40Fri Apr 17 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding external bridge configuration
Revision 6.0.0-39Wed Mar 25 2015Dan Macpherson
Change to gateway firewall rules order
Revision 6.0.0-38Tue Mar 24 2015Dan Macpherson
Minor change
Revision 6.0.0-37Thu Mar 19 2015Dan Macpherson
Minor modifications to firewall rules
Revision 6.0.0-36Wed Mar 11 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding SELinux rule to installation medium procedure
Revision 6.0.0-35Thu Mar 5 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding NetApp content
Revision 6.0.0-34Thu Feb 26 2015Dan Macpherson
Correcting some issues to help translation
Removing IP range fields as they do not appear in UI when IPAM is set to None (BZ#1193420)
Adding PEERDNS preconfiguration instructions (BZ#1167933)
Revision 6.0.0-33Fri Feb 20 2015Dan Macpherson
Changing RHEL references from 7.0 to 7.1 to target A1 release
Revision 6.0.0-32Tue Feb 10 2015Dan Macpherson
Added notes about Ceph Storage Nodes
Revision 6.0.0-31Tue Feb 10 2015Dan Macpherson
Added extra troubleshooting tips
Revision 6.0.0-30Mon Feb 09 2015Dan Macpherson
Minor edits for final revision
Revision 6.0.0-29Fri Feb 06 2015Dan Macpherson
Added Planning chapter
Revision 6.0.0-28Wed Jan 28 2015Dan Macpherson
Major restructure and rewrite of content.
Revision 6.0.0-27Mon Dec 15 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1154528 - Added a sample deployment configuration.
Revision 6.0.0-26Wed Nov 12 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1145375 - Added information about configuring a Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform after provisioning.
Revision 6.0.0-25Tue Nov 11 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1161978 - Updated the procedure for downloading a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 ISO file.
BZ#1149070 - Updated the reference to the supported virtual machine operating systems.
Revision 6.0.0-24Thu Nov 6 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1160918 - Added information on how to manually add a BMC network interface controller.
Revision 6.0.0-23Thu Nov 6 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1157916 - Added further information on the options available when installing the user interface for the installer.
Revision 6.0.0-22Fri Oct 31 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1157915 - Added a procedure outlining how to configure the default installation media entry.
BZ#1155999 - Added information on how to configure bonding on host network interfaces.
BZ#1155950 - Updated the procedure for creating deployments.
BZ#1154463 - Added instructions on creating subnets when creating a deployment.
BZ#1150362 - Updated the minimum operating systems requirements for the installer.
BZ#1149070 - Updated the description of supported virtual machine operating systems.
Revision 6.0.0-21Mon Oct 27 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1156285 - Added a note regarding the welcome page for the installer user interface.
BZ#1154527 - Added a section on the host overview page.
BZ#1145381 - Added a procedure outlining how to edit host group parameters.
BZ#1145380 - Added information on hardware requirements for nodes.
BZ#1145377 - Added further information about the options available when creating a deployment.
BZ#1145376 - Added further information on adding hosts via discovery.
Revision 6.0.0-20Thu Oct 16 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1151302 - Added a section outlining browser requirements for accessing the user interface.
BZ#1145387 - Added a chapter on how to use the Monitor menu.
Revision 6.0.0-19Thu Oct 9 2014Andrew Dahms
Added a note outlining the current status of support for upgrading the installer.
Revision 6.0.0-18Tue Oct 7 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1147729 - Added a description of network traffic types.
Revision 6.0.0-17Tue Sep 30 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1147729 - Updated the procedure for creating deployments and configuring host networking.
BZ#1147730 - Updated the procedure for configuring fencing.
BZ#1147731 - Updated the procedure for assigning hosts to deployment roles.
BZ#1134413 - Added a procedure outlining how to configure a gateway.
Revision 6.0.0-16Fri Sep 26 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1145396 - Added a description of common operating system entry parameters.
BZ#1145384 - Updated the installation media example and references to user interface elements.
BZ#1145383 - Added a procedure outlining how to use the New Host button.
BZ#1145381 - Added a procedure outlining how to edit service parameters.
BZ#1134413 - Added a procedure outlining how to configure a machine to act as a gateway.
Revision 6.0.0-15Mon Sep 22 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1135644 - Updated the procedure for preparing an installation medium.
Revision 6.0.0-14Tue Sep 16 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1141984 - Outlined the new randomly generated password for the default administrative user account.
BZ#1139308 - Added a note that specifying a Subscription Manager entitlement pool is recommended.
BZ#1135644 - Added further details on preparing an installation medium.
BZ#1133722 - Updated the Subscription Manager parameters that can be edited when installing the user interface.
Revision 6.0.0-13Tue Sep 16 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1139450 - Updated the content on logging in to the user interface.
BZ#1139123 - Updated the topic outlining how to add hosts via discovery.
BZ#1136156 - Added further detail to the procedure for installing the user interface.
BZ#1136134 - Updated the topic on provisioning Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.
Revision 6.0.0-12Mon Aug 25 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1138097 - Updated the list of Subscription Manager parameters that users can edit.
Revision 6.0.0-11Mon Aug 25 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1127044 - Updated the subtitle and abstract.
BZ#1125040 - Collapsed the list of commands for enabling channels into a single screen section.
BZ#1122178 - Updated the note regarding domain name requirements.
BZ#1113270 - Updated the note regarding operating system requirements.
Revision 6.0.0-10Thu Aug 21 2014Andrew Dahms
Final revision for publication.
Revision 6.0.0-9Thu Aug 21 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1132713 - Updated notes regarding features and the procedure for logging in to the web user interface.
BZ#1130139 - Added a topic outlining how to configure fencing on high availability nodes.
BZ#1127997 - Updated the content on general service details.
BZ#1127209 - Added a section on how to create and remove partition tables.
Revision 6.0.0-8Thu Aug 14 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1130340 - Added notes to the installation procedure to clarify the steps required to enable provisioning.
BZ#1122178 - Added a note regarding fully qualified domain name requirements.
Revision 6.0.0-7Fri Aug 8 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1120304 - Added a note outlining domain membership requirements.
BZ#1091512 - Updated the name of the channel that provides Foreman packages.
Revision 6.0.0-6Thu Aug 7 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1127484 - Added a section outlining how to add hosts using discovery.
BZ#1125040 - Updated the list of channels required to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Installer.
Revision 6.0.0-5Wed Aug 6 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1127044 - Updated the titles of all cited OpenStack material to reflect the latest titles.
BZ#1126247 - Added a section outlining how to add and work with operating system entries.
BZ#1126238 - Added a section outlining firewall requirements.
BZ#1125041 - Updated the steps involved in running the rhel-osp-installer command.
Revision 6.0.0-4Tue Jul 22 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1125126 - Changed references to Foreman to Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Installer.
BZ#1125106 - Added sections outlining how to set up users, user groups, and roles.
BZ#1125028 - Removed references to the method of installing the provisioning portal using a script.
BZ#1061978 - Added a chapter outlining how to provision Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.
Revision 6.0.0-3Fri Jul 11 2014Scott Radvan
Prepare guide for Technical Review.
Revision 6.0.0-2Wed Jul 9 2014Andrew Dahms
BZ#1113270 - Added an introduction to the Foreman installer and a note on support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0.
BZ#1081201 - Updated the procedure on configuring installation media.
Revision 6.0.0-1Thu Jun 26 2014Don Domingo
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack 5.0 test build.