Appendix B. New Deployment Settings

This section outlines the options available when you create a new deployment.

B.1. Network Configuration Settings

The following table outlines the different network traffic types available in the Network Configuration step of creating a new deployment.

Table B.1. Network Configuration Settings

Network Traffic Type Description   
Provisioning/PXE Communication with the installer. For example, to provision hosts and to allow hosts to boot over the network using the PXE service that the installer provides.   
Management Private communication amongst services.   
External Communication between instances in the RHEL OpenStack Platform environment and external network resources. This network traffic type cannot be placed on the same subnet as other network traffic types.   
Cluster Management Pacemaker cluster management communication.   
Admin API Administrative communication amongst services.   
Public API Access to the REST API and the Horizon dashboard.   
Tenant Tenant network communication for instances in the RHEL OpenStack Platform environment.   
Storage Storage-related communication. This network traffic type is optional.   
Storage Clustering Storage-related communication for replication and data checks in Ceph clusters. This network traffic type is optional.