7.4. Configuring Host Networking

After you assign a host to a deployment role in a deployment, you can configure the network traffic that each network interface on the host carries. Network traffic types are divided amongst subnets in accordance with the options you select when you create a deployment.

Procedure 7.4. Configuring Networking on a Host

  1. Click the Hosts tab.
  2. Click the Assigned sub-tab.
  3. Check a host, then click Configure Networks.
  4. Drag and drop subnets between the sections for network interfaces to change the network traffic carried by those interfaces.
    The Configure Networks Screen

    Figure 7.10. The Configure Networks Screen

  5. Optionally, configure a bond between two network interfaces:
    1. Click the bonding button for a network interface and click the name of a network interface to bond the two network interfaces.
    2. Select the bonding mode from the Bonding Mode list.
  6. Click Done.