3.3.10. Scheduling

Compute uses the nova-scheduler service to determine how to dispatch compute and volume requests. For example, the nova-scheduler service determines which host a VM should launch on. The term host in the context of filters means a physical node that has a nova-compute service running on it. You can configure the scheduler through a variety of options.
Compute is configured with the following default scheduler options:
By default, the compute scheduler is configured as a filter scheduler, as described in the next section. In the default configuration, this scheduler considers hosts that meet all the following criteria:
  • Are in the requested availability zone (AvailabilityZoneFilter).
  • Have sufficient RAM available (RamFilter).
  • Are capable of servicing the request (ComputeFilter). Filter Scheduler

The Filter Scheduler (nova.scheduler.filter_scheduler.FilterScheduler) is the default scheduler for scheduling virtual machine instances. It supports filtering and weighting to make informed decisions on where a new instance should be created. You can use this scheduler to schedule compute requests but not volume requests. For example, you can use it with only the compute_scheduler_driver configuration option.