9.3.3. Installing the Packages

The OpenStack Networking service requires the following packages:
Provides the networking service and associated configuration files.
Provides a networking plug-in. Replace PLUGIN with one of the recommended plug-ins (openvswitch and linuxbridge).
Provides supporting utilities to assist with a number of tasks including the editing of configuration files.
Provides OpenStack specific SELinux policy modules.
The packages must be installed on all systems that will handle network traffic. This includes the OpenStack Networking service node, all network nodes, and all Compute nodes.
To install all of the above packages, execute the following command while logged in as the root user:
# yum install -y openstack-quantum \
   openstack-quantum-PLUGIN \
   openstack-utils \
Replace PLUGIN with openvswitch or linuxbridge (determines which plug-in is installed).
The networking services are installed and ready to be configured.