Part IV. Deploying OpenStack Manually

Table of Contents

7. Deploying Identity Services (Keystone)
7.1. Installation and Initial Configuration
7.2. Creating Users
8. Deploying Object Storage Services (Swift)
8.1. Creating the Swift Ring Files
8.2. Configuring Keystone
8.3. Configuring the Swift Proxy
8.4. Configuring Swift Storage Nodes
8.5. Testing Swift
9. Deploying Image Services (Glance)
9.1. Building Images using Oz
9.2. Adding Images to Glance
10. Deploying Volume Services (Cinder)
11. Deploying Compute Services (Nova)
12. Deploying OpenStack Networking Services
12.1. Introduction to OpenStack Networking
12.1.1. OpenStack Networking Architecture
12.1.2. OpenStack Networking API
12.1.3. OpenStack Networking Plug-ins
12.2. Configuring Keystone for OpenStack Networking
12.3. Configuring the Cloud Controller or Network Node for OpenStack Networking
12.3.1. Installing the OpenStack Networking Service
12.3.2. Installing the Message Broker
12.3.3. Configuring the OpenStack Networking Service
12.4. Configuring Compute Nodes for OpenStack Networking
12.4.1. Configuring Nova to reach the OpenStack Network API
12.4.2. Configuring Vif-plugging in Nova
12.4.3. Example nova.conf (for nova-compute and nova-api)
12.5. Installing OpenStack Networking Agents
12.5.1. Installing the Open vSwitch Agent
12.5.2. Installing the OpenStack Networking DHCP Agent (quantum-dhcp-agent)
12.5.3. Installing the OpenStack Networking L3 Agent (quantum-l3-agent)
12.6. Installing the Client (quantum)
13. Deploying the Dashboard (Horizon)
13.1. Installing Horizon
13.2. Enabling Console Access