5.9. Configure a Network Team Using the Text User Interface, nmtui

The text user interface tool nmtui can be used to configure teaming in a terminal window. Issue the following command to start the tool:
~]$ nmtui
The text user interface appears. Any invalid command prints a usage message.
To navigate, use the arrow keys or press Tab to step forwards and press Shift+Tab to step back through the options. Press Enter to select an option. The Space bar toggles the status of a check box.
  1. From the starting menu, select Edit a connection. Select Add, the New Connection screen opens.

    Figure 5.1. The NetworkManager Text User Interface Add a Team Connection menu

  2. Select Team, the Edit connection screen opens.

    Figure 5.2. The NetworkManager Text User Interface Configuring a Team Connection menu

  3. To add port interfaces to the team select Add, the New Connection screen opens. Once the type of Connection has been chosen select the Create button to cause the team's Edit Connection display to appear.

    Figure 5.3. The NetworkManager Text User Interface Configuring a new Team Port Interface Connection menu

  4. Enter the desired slave's device name or MAC address in the Device section. If required, enter a clone MAC address to be used as the team's MAC address by selecting Show to the right of the Ethernet label. Select the OK button.


    If the device is specified without a MAC address the Device section will be automatically populated once the Edit Connection window is reloaded, but only if it successfully finds the device.

    Figure 5.4. The NetworkManager Text User Interface Configuring a Team's Port Interface Connection menu

  5. The name of the teamed slave appears in the Slaves section. Repeat the above steps to add further slave connections.
  6. If custom port settings are to be applied select the Edit button under the JSON configuration section. This will launch a vim console where changes may be applied. Once finished write the changes from vim and then confirm that the displayed JSON string under JSON configuration matches what is intended.
  7. Review and confirm the settings before selecting the OK button.

    Figure 5.5. The NetworkManager Text User Interface Configuring a Team Connection menu

See Section 5.12, “Configure teamd Runners” for examples of JSON strings. Note that only the relevant sections from the example strings should be used for a team or port configuration using nmtui. Do not specify the Device as part of the JSON string. For example, only the JSON string after device but before port should be used in the Team JSON configuration field. All JSON strings relevant to a port must only be added in the port configuration field.