Part III. IBM System z Architecture - Installation and Booting

This part discusses booting, or initial program load (IPL), and installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM System z.

Table of Contents

13. Planning for Installation on IBM System z
13.1. Pre-installation
13.2. Overview of the System z Installation Procedure
13.2.1. Booting the Installation
13.2.2. Installation using Anaconda
14. Booting the Installation on IBM System z
14.1. Customizing boot parameters
14.2. Considerations for Hard Drive Installation on IBM System z
14.3. Installing under z/VM
14.3.1. Using the z/VM Reader
14.3.2. Using a Prepared DASD
14.3.3. Using a Prepared FCP-attached SCSI Disk
14.3.4. Using an FCP-attached SCSI DVD Drive
14.4. Installing in an LPAR
14.4.1. Using an FTP Server
14.4.2. Using a Prepared DASD
14.4.3. Using a Prepared FCP-attached SCSI Disk
14.4.4. Using an FCP-attached SCSI DVD Drive
15. Installing Using Anaconda
15.1. Introduction to Anaconda
15.2. Consoles and Logging During the Installation
15.2.1. Accessing Consoles
15.2.2. Saving Screenshots
15.3. Installation in Non-Interactive Line Mode
15.4. Installing in Text Mode
15.5. Installing in the Graphical User Interface
15.6. Welcome Screen and Language Selection
15.7. The Installation Summary Screen
15.8. Date & Time
15.9. Language Support
15.10. Keyboard Configuration
15.11. Security Policy
15.12. Installation Source
15.13. Network & Hostname
15.13.1. Edit Network Connections
15.13.2. Advanced Network Interfaces
15.14. Software Selection
15.14.1. Core Network Services
15.15. Installation Destination
15.15.1. Encrypt Partitions
15.15.2. Reclaim Disk Space
15.15.3. Manual Partitioning
15.16. Storage Devices
15.16.1. The Storage Devices Selection Screen
15.17. Kdump
15.18. Begin Installation
15.19. The Configuration Menu and Progress Screen
15.19.1. Set the Root Password
15.19.2. Create a User Account
15.20. Installation Complete
15.20.1. IPL under z/VM
15.20.2. IPL on an LPAR
15.20.3. Continuing after Reboot (re-IPL)
16. Troubleshooting Installation on IBM System z
16.1. Trouble During the Installation
16.1.1. No Disks Detected
16.1.2. Installer Crashes when Reinstalling on an FBA DASD
16.1.3. Reporting Traceback Messages
16.2. Problems After Installation
16.2.1. Remote Graphical Desktops and XDMCP
16.2.2. Is Your System Displaying Signal 11 Errors?
17. Configuring an Installed Linux on IBM System z Instance
17.1. Adding DASDs
17.1.1. Dynamically Setting DASDs Online
17.1.2. Preparing a New DASD with Low-level Formatting
17.1.3. Persistently Setting DASDs Online
17.2. Adding FCP-attached Logical Units (LUNs)
17.2.1. Dynamically Activating an FCP LUN
17.2.2. Persistently activating FCP LUNs
17.3. Adding a Network Device
17.3.1. Adding a qeth Device
17.3.2. Adding an LCS Device
17.3.3. Configuring a System z Network Device for Network Root File System
18. Parameter and Configuration Files on IBM System z
18.1. Required Parameters
18.2. The z/VM Configuration File
18.3. Installation Network Parameters
18.4. Parameters for Kickstart Installations
18.5. Miscellaneous Parameters
18.6. Sample Parameter File and CMS Configuration File
19. IBM System z References
19.1. IBM System z Publications
19.2. IBM Redbooks Publications for System z
19.3. Online Resources