Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

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Migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6


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This guide documents migration of systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
1. Introduction
1.1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
1.2. Application Compatibility
2. Installation
2.1. Kernel and Boot Options
2.2. Graphical Installer
2.2.1. Devices and Disks
2.2.2. Kickstart Behavioral Changes Command Changes Packages Changes Script Changes Syntax Changes Summary of Differences pykickstart
2.2.3. Networking
2.2.4. Product Subscriptions and Content Updates
2.3. Text-Based Installer
3. Storage and File Systems
3.1. kdump
3.2. RAID
3.2.1. Upgrades
3.3. ext4
3.3.1. Migration from ext3
3.3.2. Behavioral changes
3.4. blockdev
3.5. Tape devices
4. Networking and Services
4.1. Interfaces and Configuration
4.2. Service Initialization
4.2.1. xinetd
4.2.2. Runlevels
4.2.3. Upstart
4.3. IPTables/Firewalls
4.4. Apache HTTP Server
4.5. Samba
4.6. PHP
4.7. BIND
4.8. SNMP
4.9. NTP
4.10. PTP
4.11. Kerberos
4.12. Mail
4.12.1. Sendmail
4.12.2. Exim
4.12.3. Dovecot Dovecot configuration
4.13. MySQL®
4.13.1. DBD Driver
4.14. PostgreSQL
4.14.1. Upgrading Databases
4.14.2. Other Changes
4.15. Squid
4.16. Bluetooth
4.16.1. Bluetooth Service On Demand
4.17. Cron
4.17.1. Vixie cron and Cronie
4.18. Logging
5. Command Line Tools
5.1. Grep
5.2. Sed
5.3. Pcre
5.4. Shells
5.5. Nautilus
6. System Configuration
6.1. ACPI
6.1.1. CPU hotplug
6.2. Logging
7. Desktop
7.1. GDM Configuration
8. Security and Authentication
8.1. SELinux
8.2. openCryptoki
8.3. SSSD
8.4. LDAP
8.4.1. OpenLDAP
8.4.2. Converting slapd configuration
8.5. Checksums
8.6. Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
8.7. System Users
8.8. NIST SCAP 1.2 Certification
8.9. Changes to RSA and DSA Key Generation
9. System Monitoring and Kernel
9.1. dracut
9.2. IP Virtual Server (IPVS)
9.3. Joystick support
9.4. Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT)
9.4.1. ABRT Events
10. Package and Driver Changes
10.1. System Configuration Tools Changes
10.1.1. system-config-bind
10.1.2. system-config-boot
10.1.3. system-config-cluster
10.1.4. system-config-display
10.1.5. system-config-httpd
10.1.6. system-config-lvm
10.1.7. system-config-netboot
10.1.8. system-config-nfs
10.1.9. system-config-rootpassword
10.1.10. system-config-samba
10.1.11. system-config-securitylevel
10.1.12. system-config-soundcard
10.1.13. system-config-switchmail
10.1.14. Preupgrade Assistant
10.1.15. Red Hat Upgrade Tool
10.2. Bash (Bourne-Again Shell)
10.2.1. Regular Expressions
10.3. Other Package Changes
10.3.1. New Packages
10.3.2. Updated Packages
10.3.3. Discontinued Packages
10.3.4. Deprecated Packages
10.4. Driver Changes
10.4.1. Discontinued Drivers
10.4.2. Deprecated Drivers
10.4.3. Discontinued Kernel Components
10.5. Library Changes
A. Revision History