3.2.3. Restart Policy Extensions

When the restart recovery policy is used, you may additionally specify a maximum threshold for how many restarts may occur on the same node in a given time. There are two parameters available for services called max_restarts and restart_expire_time which control this.
The max_restarts parameter is an integer which specifies the maximum number of restarts before giving up and relocating the service to another host in the cluster.
The restart_expire_time parameter tells rgmanager how long to remember a restart event.
The use of the two parameters together creates a sliding window for the number of tolerated restarts in a given amount of time. For example:
<service name="myservice" max_restarts="3" restart_expire_time="300" ...>
The above service tolerance is 3 restarts in 5 minutes. On the fourth service failure in 300 seconds, rgmanager will not restart the service and instead relocate the service to another available host in the cluster.


You must specify both parameters together; the use of either parameter by itself is undefined.