Chapter 8. Red Hat Software Collections

8.1. What is Red Hat Software Collections?

For certain applications, more recent versions of some software components are often needed in order to use their latest features. Red Hat Software Collections is a Red Hat offering that provides a set of dynamic programming languages, database servers, and related packages that are either more recent than their equivalent versions included in the base Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, or are available for this system for the first time.
Dynamic languages, database servers, and other tools distributed with Red Hat Software Collections do not replace the default system tools provided with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, nor are they used in preference to these tools. The default versions of Perl and PostgreSQL, for example, remain those provided by the base Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. Users can pick and choose at any time which version of the tool they would like to run by using the scl utility.
With the notable exception of Node.js, all Red Hat Software Collections components are fully supported under Red Hat Enterprise Linux Subscription Level Agreements, are functionally complete, and are intended for production use.
Red Hat Developer Toolset is now a part of Red Hat Software Collections, included as a separate Software Collection. For more information about Red Hat Developer Toolset, see the Red Hat Developer Toolset Release Notes and the Red Hat Developer Toolset User Guide.