1.293. vgabios

An updated vgabios package that fixes two bugs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise 6.
The vgabios package provides is an GNU Lesser General Public License (LPGL) implementation of a BIOS for a video card. The vgabios package contains BIOS images that are intended to be used in the Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM ).
Bug Fixes
Previously, the vgabios for the qemu standard vga expected to find the framebuffer memory at the magic address 0xe0000000. Due to the overlapping memory reservations, qemu-kvm aborted unexpectedly when the guest operating system (OS) tried to use the address space at 0xe0000000 for other spaces, e.g. mapping resources of hot-plugged PCI devices. This update changes the vgabios to lookup the framebuffer memory in PCI space instead. Now, the address space at 0xe0000000 can freely be used by the guest OS.
Previously, vgabios did not support DOS Protected Mode Services (DPMS) for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for Windows guests. This update adds DPMS support.
All users of vgabios are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs.