1.281. system-config-users

An updated system-config-users package that fixes several bugs and adds one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The system-config-users utility provides a graphical interface for adding and removing users and groups to the system. Once started, system-config-users provides a help feature to assist in learning the interface.
Bug Fixes
Previously, passwords deemed too simple were always prohibited. This update only warns about passwords that are deemed unsuitable or too weak. Now, also short passwords are accepted.
Previously, system-config-users did not always detect if a home directory could be created correctly before actually doing it. Due to this problem, system-config-users did not create a home directory on certain file systems (e.g. home directories located beneath an autofs mount-point) but acted on the assumption that it did. As a workaround, this update tries to create the home directory before creating the user in system-config-users.
Previously, system-config-users failed to start if the maximum allowable length for user or group IDs (UID/GID) was already allocated. This update handles this situation by ignoring such high UIDs/GIDs where it needs to automatically allocate user or group IDs.
Previously, a search for users and groups would only search for names beginning with the search string. Due to this behavior, names that had the string somewhere else in the name were ignored. This update searches for substrings in user and group names.
Previously, several on-screen messages were not correctly translated in some languages. This update corrects the translated strings. Now, all messages are correctly translated.
Previously, users could not force password expiration from the graphical user interface. This update allows for forced expiry of passwords without the need to use command line utilities.
All users of the system-config-users utility are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fix these bugs and adds this enhancement.