1.268. spice-xpi

An updated spice-xpi package that fixes three bugs is now available.
The Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments (SPICE) is a remote display protocol designed for virtual environments. SPICE users can view a virtualized desktop or server from the local system or any system with network access to the server. SPICE is available for a variety of machine architectures and operating systems.
SPICE is used in Red Hat Enterprise Linux for viewing virtualized guests running on the KVM hypervisor or on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisors. This package contains a SPICE extension that allows the client to be used from a web browser.

Bug Fixes

Version was added to plugin name string. This allows the plugin version to be discovered from within the browser.
Location and name of logfile & unix-domain-socket was changed, they are now placed in ~/.spicec/ and the name prefix is now spice-xpi.
spicec is now searched for in /usr/bin, if not found in
Users planning to use the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager are advised to upgrade to this updated spice-xpi package.