1.265. sos

An updated sos package that fixes several bugs and adds various enhancements is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The sos package contains a set of tools that gather information from system hardware, logs and configuration files. The information can then be used for diagnostic purposes and debugging.
Bug Fixes
Previously, the rhelVersion() function incorrectly identified the major release version in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. When the general.all_logs option of the general plug-in was enabled, some log files defined in the syslog.conf file were not retrieved and were missing in sos reports. This bug has been fixed and the rhelVersion() now always returns correct value of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux version.
When the non-default lockdump feature was turned on, the cluster plug-in terminated with a traceback while sos was generating a report. This bug has been fixed, lockdump data are now present in reports and the cluster plug-in gives no error messages in the described scenario.
Previously, reports generated by the sosreport utility did not include the /etc/anacrontab file, which may be essential for debugging cron issues. With this update, sos includes the /etc/anacrontab file in its reports.
On IBM S/390 architecture, outputs from the parted and dumpe2fs utilities were not included in sos reports. This bug has been fixed and data retrieved from both utilities are now properly included in sos reports.
When FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) compliance mode was active on the system, the sosreport program terminated with a traceback during generation of the MD5 checksum. As a consequence, no MD5 checksum was generated and no information about the name of the generated report was given, even though the report archive was generated correctly. This bug has been fixed, MD5 checksums are now generated in non-FIPS compliant mode (for compatibility with prior release) and SHA-2 checksums are generated in FIPS compliant mode.
Previously, when sos was run without the rpm-python package installed, the sosreport program terminated with a traceback. With this update, the rpm-python package has been added into the sos spec file as a required package and this bug no longer occurs.
Previously, sos did not back up files in the /etc/dhcp/ directory when it was run with the dhcp plug-in enabled and a DHCP server installed in the system. This bug has been fixed and sos now properly backs up these files in the described scenario.
Due to a minor bug in the code, the startup plugin-in was unable to collect output from the chkconfig utility. This bug has been fixed and the chkconfig utility output is now properly included in sos reports.
With this update, sos uses "dmsetup ls --tree" command output to print out summaries of complex device setups in sos reports. These summaries are much clearer to read compared to other options the dmsetup utility provides.
With this update, sos includes the /etc/sssd/sssd.conf configuration file in its reports if the sssd package is installed and configured in the system.
With this update, sos now supports next-generation X.509 entitlement certificates. These certificates are properly captured and included in sos reports.
The lsblk utility shows the tree structure of all block devices in the system. With this update, sos captures the output of the lsblk utility and includes it in sos reports.
Users of sos are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs and adds these enhancements.