1.245. report

Updated report packages that address three bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The report packages contain a generic problem-, bug-, incident-, and error-reporting library, which can be configured to deliver a report to a variety of different ticketing systems.
Bug Fixes
In some cases the report library failed to honor "target" options set in the "[main]" section of /etc/report.conf (the report configuration file). This presented as report asking for a target even when one was set in report.conf. With this update, report honors all options set in the configuration file, including targets set as part of the [main] section, as expected.
Previously, when sending files to a Strata server along with the Strata case, the report library's Strata plug-in sent the files under their temporary name, rather than the original. This update corrects this and files sent to Strata servers are now sent with their original file names, as expected.
The report spec file did not specify ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) specific dependencies. This could cause dependency-related problems if the report packages were ever downgraded. With this update the spec file includes ISA specific dependencies as required.
Users should upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.